FewFeeD V2 now available , no token required  Click Here  to test.
FewFeeD V2 now available , no token required  Click Here  to test.
FewFeeD V2 now available , no token required  Click Here  to test.
How to Post Multiple Facebook Groups at once 2021

How to Post to  Multiple Facebook Group

 Facebook auto post multiple group v4

help you work with facebook group easily

support multiple images post 

link post  , share live video post

i deverlop tools that about facebook  more than 20-30 tools since 2019.

and alot of people who using liked it, so i kept improve my tools 

so when i creating tool i try to think, if users they don't know anythings 

how should i made tool for them that easy to use,

so most of my tool focus on simple user interface, simple setting functions

and all of my chrome extensions are free 

anyways you can support me and use some premium tools 

in this website, because i not open for donate but it's would be great if exchange money for services, intead giving for free

Download :


in new updated version you can upload multiple images (album) post

and with beautiful link preview card  

Save your group to a category, so next time use you don't need to reselect group again

you can also edit your text  message

random text this will generated random string, some people things it's help to avoid spam detect, you can testing by yourself

this feature help your post look more interesting, yes it's an icons with  hot popup!!

you can create your own shuffle text like this, for an example i want to random icons for each posts, so i do this {😀|🤣|😝}

anyways you can use a longer text or anything that you like.

purpose of creating this tool for help people with small business. which having a hard time in this pandemic in many countries 

so if you are using multiple account to spamming, scamming ..etc,  i would not suggest you to use this tool, and i already cursed it in every lines of code

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